MECHANICS OF SOLIDS Lab Manual Pdf – MS Lab manual pdf

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MECHANICS OF SOLIDS Lab Manual Pdf – MS Lab manual pdf file

Please download the MECHANICS OF SOLIDS Lab Manual Pdf – MS Lab manual pdf file in the below provided links.
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Lab manual experiment names

1 Direct Tension Test

To determine ultimate tensile stress of a metal.

2 Torsion Test

To conduct torsion test on mild steel or cast iron specimen to determine modulus of rigidity.

3 Hardness Test A) Brinell’s Hardness Test   B) Rockwell Hardness Test

To conduct hardness test on mild steel, carbon steel, brass and aluminum specimens.

4 Test on Springs

To determine the stiffness and modulus of rigidity of the spring wire.

5 Compression Test on Cube

To perform compression test on UTM.

6 Impact Test

To Determine the impact strength of steel by Izod impact test

7 Punch Shear Test

To find the shear strength of given specimen

Content Beyond Syllabus

8 Deflection of beams a) Cantilever b) Simply Supported

9 Non Destructive Testing

PO1 Capability to apply the knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering in the field of mechanical engineering.

PO2 An ability to analyze complex engineering problems to arrive at relevant conclusion using knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.

PO3 Competence to design a system, component or process to meet societal needs within realistic constraints.

PO4 To design and conduct research oriented experiments as well as to analyze and implement data using research methodologies.

PO5 An ability to formulate solve complex engineering problem using modern engineering and information Technology tools.

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